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If you purchase the party pak you're eligible for a door prize which will be written on the post card you receive in the mail. Door prizes will be announced during the week of the event and we will mail to the same address you used to order the party pak. If you win a pre-reg to an event it is more likely we will connect you with said club and no physical document will be issued. If you or your club would like to contribute please send us an email. 

Custom Vanner Bubble window set

Custom Vanner T-shirts

Pre Entry to Spring Back (May - Ohio)

Pre Entry to Van Jam       (April - So. Indiana)

Pre Entry to Twin City Vans' event in June

Fury Metal flake (several jars & colors avail.)

Garagisme Magazine issue 7

Custom built Oak drink tray for your make & model built by Chuck from Grim Creepers van club.

Thursday Night Winners

8. Ronald Newberg - Green Metal Flake from Fury Metal flake

12.Eric Ford - Issue 13 of Custom Vanner & a California Van Swapper “let’s boogie sticker

17. Sarah Rendino Revolution tattoo Shirt & Rude needle point,

42.  Alesha Mazur Cosmic Rain Metal flake 

91.  Ed Guzenski Sketch Van Montana tote bag & stickers

107. David D’AmaralCustom Vanner/Fartco t-shirt and Giant sticker 

208. Sarah Rendino Fury Metal Flake & Gap it tool.

236. Colin Murray Sketch Van Montana bag & shop rag 

Big Winner for the Night 

Custom Made Drink tray for your make vehicle from Grim Creepers Van Club

Number 9. William Sirl

Saturday Night Winners

Number 23 Boogie Van Flexi Record

Number 72 Willy Radio - Boogie hat from Vinyl Lux upholstery

Number 12 Eric ford - Issue 12 Custom Vanner 

Number 166 Mike Haaksma Electric Boogaloo van poster & a record

Number 206.Tulsa Time shirt

Number 138.Tulsa Time shirt

Number 65.Tulsa Time shirt

Number 107 David d’Amaral CVM t-shirt & sticker

Number 199 Mason sultana poster & stickers

Number 23 Jamed Tourte Custom Vanner issue 12

Number 166 Electric Boogaloo poster & Boogie Van Flexi record

Number 199 Electric Boogaloo poster & Boogie Van Flexi record 

Number 197 Tonya Kestner Do it in a van rag & stickers

Number 215. Dave Hill Nationals Pre reg

Number 156. Dawn Idhe Bluegrass Pre reg

Number 70 Jess Larkin vans on the run pre reg 

Number 158 Cave In Pre reg Brian & Karen Avery 

Number 221 Eddie Hill twin cities event

Number 224 issue 12 & Flexi disc of boogie van

Number 235 Vantasia pre reg John Aguiar

Number 199 Mason Sultana

Number 160’chariots of the gods - Lisa Lackner

Number 161 David McCarthy Bubble windows 

Number 236 Collin mcmurray. 

Number 112  Magazine and stickers Richard Gennet


No need to claim. We’ll mail to the same place your party pak went to. 


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